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Stamps printed in excessive quantities

According to an article in the Philatelic Webmaster Organization, some companies that have printed stamps on behalf of poor countries (especially in Africa) are printed in excessive quantities aimed at collecting.

Stamps are only apparently approved by local postal administrations,

The article mentions in particular

many stamps and leaflets related to minerals, from countries such as:

Chad, Comoros, Mali, Niger, Congo , 

Burundi, Guinea Rep., Guiné Bissau Rep.,

Solomon Is., S.Tome & Prince, Togolaise Rep.....

Therefore since December 2020 no longer updated images of stamps of the these country.

They are printed without glue and high prices.


Black number = Scott catalog

Blue or  red number = Yvert et Tellier catalog



Image  Country Year Subject Yvert Set
7202BEN17.jpg Benin 2017 Opal, Crocoite


Antoine Lacroix


James Smithson

Label 2 val
7203BEN17.jpg Benin 2017



Wilhelm Karl Ritter von Haidinger


Alexandre Brongniart
Label 1 val
7232CNGB16.jpg Congo Republique du 2016 Rare minerals




2 val
7225CNGK19.jpg Congo Republique du 2019

Carletonite, Agrellite  and open pit mine

n.c. 2 val
7228CNGK19.jpg Congo Republique du 2019 Ludlamite and miner n.c. 1 val
7204CIV16.jpg Cote d'Ivoire 2016 Shattuckite, Dioptase n.c. 2 val
7208CIV16.jpg Cote d'Ivoire 2016 Vivianite n.c. 1 val
7246CAV17.jpg Cote d'Ivoire 2017 Various minerals n.c. 2 val
7251GUIB16.jpg Gulné Bissau 2016 Various minerals


5 val
7249GUIB16.jpg Gulné Bissau 2016 Various minerals


1 val
7098OLD21.jpg Nederland 2021 Malachite 4 val n.c.
7102OLD21.jpg Nederland 2021 Various minerals 8 val n.v.
7097OLD23.jpg Nederland 2021


Mistake on stamp

1 val n.c.
6686JAP22.jpg Nippon - Japan 2022 Various minerals 10934-10943 10 val
7239TCD14.jpg Tchad 2012 Azuirite- Siderite BF 2 val


Image Country Year Subject Yvert Set
7044TOG22.jpg Togolaise Rep. 2022 Various meteorites Multi 4 val
7049TOG22.jpg Togolaise Rep. 2022 Meteo + dino​ BF 1 val
7051TOG22.jpg Togolaise Rep. 2022 Meteo + dino BF 1 val

Gems and Jewels

Image Country Year Subject Yvert Set
6653LBR20.jpg Liberia 2020 Sapphire Ruby Rough 6194 6193-6198
6654LBR20.jpg Liberia 2020 Sapphire Ruby Rough 6196 "
7101OLD21.jpg Nederland 2022 Emerald


1 val n.c.
6686JAP22.jpg Nippon - Japan 2022 Various minerals 10 val 10934-10943
6687JAP22.jpg Nippon - Japan 2022 Various gems 10 val 10944-10953​
7053SRI21.jpg Sri Lanka 2021 Various gems 5 val 2297-2301
7059SRI21.jpg Sri Lanka 2021 Various gems 5 val 2302-2306

FDC and Postcard

B_335MRC75.jpg B_332SRL21.jpg B_333SRL21.jpg
B_337ROM10_4.jpg B_335NZEA82.jpg B_338ROM10_5.jpg

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