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Stamps printed in excessive quantities

According to an article in the Philatelic Webmaster Organization, some companies that have printed stamps on behalf of poor countries (especially in Africa) are printed in excessive quantities aimed at collecting.

Stamps are only apparently approved by local postal administrations,

The article mentions in particular

many stamps and leaflets related to minerals, from countries such as:

Chad, Comoros, Mali, Niger, Congo , 

Burundi, Guinea Rep., Guiné Bissau Rep.,

Solomon Is., S.Tome & Prince, Togolaise Rep.....


Black number = Scott catalog

Blue or  red number = Yvert et Tellier catalog


Scientists of Geosciences

Image Country Year Subject Yvert Set
Brasile_88_bonifacio.jpg BRASIL 1988

José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva


Brazilian statesman, naturalist, mineralist, professor

Mineral andradite
1869 1 val
7391FIN60-2.jpg FINLAND 1960

Johan Gadolin


Finnish chemist, physicist and  mineralogist

Mineral Gadolinite

495 1 val


Image Country Year Subject Yvert Set
7411GUB23.jpg Guinè-Bissau 2023 Various meteorites n.c. 3 val
7415GUB23.jpg Guinè-Bissau 2023 Meteorite Tunguska


Jbilet Winselwan

BF 1 val
7416GUB23.jpg Guinè-Bissau 2023​ Meteorite Sikhote-Alin BF 1 val

Gems and Jewels FDC and Postcards


B_399THAI72.jpg B_374AUS73.jpg

Minerals FDC and Postcards


B_400MON90.jpg B_401MON90.jpg B_402MON90.jpg
B_403MON90.jpg B_404MON90.jpg B_405MON90.jpg

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